Building a Custom Lens from Analytics

I think many of us find the current CRMA dashboard a little confusing and would like to see a concise top down list of our designers sales. This can be done for any time period (Quarter, Month, YTD, etc)

The first thing you want to do is go to your dashboard and locate and select SCB

Scroll down to Sales by Designer, locate the down carrot or down arrow, and select “Explore. This will open up what is called a new Lens where you can create and save custom analytics reporting.

On the left hand side you will find the filters and data tabs where you can control the content in your reporting.

In the top right corner you will find 3 icons that give you control on how the data is visualized. For this report we are going to choose the middle icon for “Tables” and choose comparison table.

Once you have made this selection the report should change to look like the image below.

Under the data tab we are going to delete the “Fiscal Year” data point.

Next we are going to switch to the filters tab.

  1. Delete the AWC Fiscal Year to Date (2 years ago to today) filter

  2. Delete the AWC Fiscal Run Rate Formula

  3. Click on the plus sign to Add a Filter

  4. Choose Line.Invoiced.On

  5. Choose Curent Fiscal Quarter

  6. Click on the button to add this filter



Back over the the Data Tab. Click on the down arrow next to the “Invoices with Accounts” under Datasets and select “Sort Descending”. This will give you a top down list. 

Click on the down arrow again and hover your mouse over “Format Numbers” then choose currency from the list.

  1. Under the columns section click on the plus button
  2. Locate the Line.Cabinets.Ordered item and select it

We will use this column to calculate TPU 

Your report should now look like this

  1. Under the columns heading click the plus button one more time.
  2. Choose the option in the top right corner to “Add Formula”
  1. Give your column a title of “TPU”
  2. In the formula box enter A/B
  3. Under format choose currency

Your report should now look like this.

Since the Cabinets Ordered column was merely intended to use for calculations, select the down arrow next to that column and choose the option to hide it.

Written by Jake Jenkins

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